Author Visits

authorDid you know that the author of The ABC Field Guide to Faeries is also represented in the book for the letter “S” as Susanne, the Sunshine Faery?

Susanne loves to visit and talk about her book to children who are 6-12 years of age either in person or by Skype. She tailors her talks specifically to the various age groups.

Since faeries are considered “Nature’s Angels”, there is a wonderful connection between the faeries in her book and the environment. These sessions are very interactive with many life lessons being taught in a very playful, rhyming manner.

Both children and adults love to see Susanne dressed in character as the Sunshine Faery. They also love that for personal visits, Susanne projects the book onto a screen so that everyone has a chance to see.

Would you be interested in a magical visit to your program by Skype or in person from Susanne? For more info, please Contact Susanne.

Workshops for Writing

Susanne has created writing workshops for youth aimed at tapping into their creative potential. She uses out of the box techniques to help simplify the writing process and actually make it fun. For more info please Contact Susanne