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Snowtember Mushrooms!

I recently went to a local craft fair hosted by Wolf Willow Studio and was over the moon with these Snowtember Mushrooms that I discovered.

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We Are Planetary Movie

This weekend I watched the movie, We Are Planetary, and I absolutely LOVED it.  There are so many gems of wisdom in this film.  I

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Let Your Love Shine!

Universe working overtime! I must say that I am deeply humbled by an event that happened yesterday to make me realize how the universe works

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More Lessons from the Geese

I created this video: Lessons from the Geese a couple of years ago.  I had planned on launching my book about nature’s lessons in the spring of

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Assertiveness for Earth Angels

I recently listened to Doreen’s Virtue’s Assertiveness for Earth Angels free video series. I will share with you the major points. Assertiveness for Earth Angels

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Happy October!

Happy October This is what I posted in my recent October newsletter.  I will be asking my newsletter subscribers to migrate to my blog and

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Finding Joe Movie Review

A movie featuring Joseph Campbell’s work Finding Joe is the title of the movie about the ground breaking philosopher, Joseph Campbell.  I watched this movie

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