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Winner of numerous Best Book Awards

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This multi Award-Winning book was specifically designed to unlock children’s imagination, creativity and awareness. This is magically done through each lavishly illustrated faery from the letter “A” all the way to “Z”. The 26 unique rhyming messages of respect for self, others and the environment resonate with children because they are delivered in a fun and playful way by each of the faeries.

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book sarah

I am so incredibly grateful to Sarah who helped to inspire the writing of this book as well as to Sarah’s parents who allowed me to dedicate this book in her memory.

In Loving Memory of
Sarah Lisa Foidart
1991 – 2003

Sarah was a 12-year-old girl from a rural Manitoba community. She courageously fought a battle against a very rare brain tumour but, unfortunately, she did not win. Sarah touched many people in her very short life. She was known for her mischievous playfulness and from a young age was a real trooper when it came to taking hikes; she so loved being in nature.

Sarah had, and continues to have a deep impact on my life. The night after she passed away she came to me in a dream, totally free from pain and back to her giggly old self. In the dream, she was twirling around in a meadow of wildflowers and said to me: “Susanne, I have faery wings instead of angel wings because faery wings are so much easier to run and play around in!”

That dream is as vivid to me today as it was the night I had it. After I had it, I started to research everything I could about faeries. One of the things I discovered was that they are considered “nature’s angels”. And it was while out on a nature excursion that the inspiration for writing The A B C Field Guide to Faeries came to me. I could not write the ideas down fast enough! I knew that Sarah was helping me tap into this creative channel.

This book is lovingly dedicated to that courageous young lady, who will forever live on in my heart, and who encompasses the character traits of each and every one of the faeries you will see and read about in the following pages. It is my hope that Sarah will touch every reader’s heart with her magic and inspire and motivate you to treat yourself, each other and the environment with respect. Long may Sarah’s spirit live on.

In love, light and enlightenment,



USA Best Book Award Winner Winner of the 2011 Best Book Awards for Inspirational Poetry Award

GlobalEBookAwardsNominee Winning Finalist in the 2011 Global e-Book Awards Award

IBAFinalistJPEG-resize Winning Finalist in the “Best Interior Design”, “Children’s Educational”, and “Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit” Categories of the 2011 International Book Awards

SCA10-bronze_Cover-resize Bronze Medal for cover design in the 2010 Summit Awards, Artwork by Chantelle T. Gabriell, Seashine Design

Nominee for the Alberta 2010 Best Book of the Year Award for Children by the Book Publishers of Alberta

About the Artist

chantel gabriell - book artistChantal Gabriell is the Artist and Designer for The ABC Field Guide to Faeries.

Chantal is passionate about the power of imagery to tell stories that inspire, as well as add more beauty to the world. With SeaShine Design, she is dedicated to giving people a visual identity that helps them to express the heart of their dreams and endeavors.


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Hard copies of The ABC Field Guide to Faeries can be found at the following locations around Calgary and online

7 th Chakra 
1301 17 Ave SW


Divine Mine 
222 – 11566 24 Street SE


Fallen Angel Creations From Above Inc 
827 17th Ave. SW.


Glenbow Museum Gift Shop 
Stephen Avenue Walk (8th Avenue and 1st Street SE)


Monkey Shines Childrens Books
113, 2215 – 33rd Ave SW


Our Angels Centre for Well Being
1213 Kensington Road N.W. Calgary


Owl’s Nest Books 
Britannia Shopping Plaza
815A – 49 Ave SW


Self Connections Books 
#125, 4611 Bowness Road NW


Tiny Tales Children’s Books 
http://www.tinytales.ca (Local, Canadian and Multilingual)

11 reviews for e-book – The ABC Field Guide to Faeries

  1. kzsadmin (verified owner)

    I can’t wait to read the entire book!

    • Susanne Heaton

      I look forward to your feedback Keith and Shannon. 😉

  2. Sandy Newman

    What a charming book! It’s jam packed with positive reminders for us all! I wish this book had existed when my children were young, as it is so full of bright and beautiful encouragement sprinkled with magic, urging readers to be kind to ourselves and our home, The Earth! – Sandy Newman, President, Pathway Learning Connections Inc.

  3. Elisabeth Fayt

    A beautiful collection of inspired writings that will pull at your heart-strings. Susanne brings the magical element of the non-physical into a tangible wisdom that is simple and easily put into practice in daily life. – Elisabeth Fayt, International Speaker/Author of Paving it Forward

  4. Dr. Jim Butler

    Awakening children to the wonders and marvels of nature may be the biggest responsibility we have in ensuring the survival of this planet. Finally, a more enchanted way to learn the alphabet rather than from apples, bats and cats! – Dr. Jim Butler, Professor Emeritus of conservation biology from the University of Alberta, & Executive Director/Senior Researcher for the Elfen Project: http://www.elfenproject.com

  5. Dr. Anne Marie Evers (verified owner)

    This book is like ‘a breath of fresh air’ with wonderful bubbles of knowledge, humour, information and imagination. The poems contain a great deal of wisdom for the reader. This book inspires children to learn, create and take responsibility for their own lives. What a positive and great teaching tool for ALL children! – Dr. Anne Marie Evers, Author, Doctor of Divinity, Minister, Radio Talk Show Host http://www.annemarieevers.com http://www.annemariesangelchapel.com

  6. David Irvine

    Susanne has truly followed her heart to research and develop a Faerie Field Guide. Inspired by a 12 year-old’s unwavering faith, this charming ode to magical creatures will awaken the whimsical side of your nature, whether you are six or sixty. The lilting rhymes will connect you to the world where faeries are guardians of our environment, and maybe even our lives. – David Irvine, Author of Becoming Real: Journey To Authenticity and Simple Living In A Complex World

  7. Allyson Giles

    The ABC Field Guide to Faeries is sure to bring a smile to every reader’s face. Gems of faerie wisdom and truths fill this inspiring and magical book that encourages its readers to laugh and play while connecting with the beauty of nature. Children of all ages will fall in love with the faeries thanks to the loving messages and beautiful artwork. Truly an enchanting book that sparks the imagination while speaking to the heart. – Allyson L. Giles, ATP®

  8. Grace Cirocco

    This beautiful book will inspire children and adults to awaken to the deeper spirituality and inner knowing that we are not alone in this Universe. – Grace Cirocco, Author of Take the Step, the Bridge will be There

  9. Marlene Buffa

    In her beautiful book, The A B C Field Guide to Faeries, Susanne Alexander-Heaton offers a fresh and insightful approach to learning on many levels. Aimed at the youth market this unique and lovely presentation provides insight into the magical world of Faeries while teaching the alphabet, phonetics and spirituality – all entwined with beautiful imagery. A must read for children and adults who are willing to allow their imagination to flourish. – Marlene Buffa – WordofMind.com

  10. Tanis Helliwell

    A magical artistic book for little people inspired by the little people and faeries of other realms. A treat for all ages to enjoy. – Tanis Helliwell, author of Summer with the Leprechauns and Take Your Soul to Work

  11. Michelene Maylor

    One of the first things noticed is the couplet structure which works well for children. The book can be easily read as a whole or as fragmented mini-fables or moral tales. These are strong and positive messages of kindness, compassion, and renewal. The messages are simple, imagistic and creative. It reads very positively and is full of joy and sound advice for all. I appreciate the diversity of the faeries. The imagery is strong. The messages are plucky and important. This opens opportunities for parents to discuss interesting and complex subjects with their children. – Endorsement by Micheline Maylor, PH.D

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