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Inspiration for your Group

“Susanne inspires people with a great presentation; she captures your attention with her endearing and authentic presence, and she gives you specific take-aways that you can use in your personal and professional life.”
-Andrea Jones, Communication Specialist

My speaking topics and online nature challenges give people inspiration to take steps towards increasing overall well-being in the workplace and home. I can tailor my talks and nature challenges specifically to your group so that you get the most beneficial experience possible for your team. I have presented virtually and in-person with numerous organizations including:


Stressed Out? Take a Break, Naturally!

In this interactive, scientifically backed session, learn the effects of chronic stress on your body and natural and easy ways to decrease your stress naturally. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!


Dealing with Grief,

Did you know that grief does not just apply to the death of a loved one? Grief includes “when someone or something is no longer as it was.” Learn types and stages of grief as well as some natural coping mechanisms in nature.

Lessons Learned Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

In 2011, Susanne climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak at 5,895 meters. Through the climb and descent of this mountain, she draws parallels to the ups and downs that occur in life. Participants receive inspiring information to encourage risk taking and to value their unique capabilities.


Wild About Nature Challenges

Science has proven that nature decreases stress as well as increases general health, productivity and creativity. This online challenge helps maximize these effects by connecting with the great outdoors in fun and creative ways. The results are lasting positive impacts on your employees or client’s well-being both at work and at home.

“In December 2020, I was already having discussions with my leadership team about what we could do to help with our staff’s mental health because I knew it was suffering. I’m also passionate about nature myself as I realize the importance of being out in it. I really wish the whole world could go through this program because it could encourage more people to start thinking about protecting the environment which is a nice side effect of this.”
Eric Mulvin
Owner of Pac Biz, Philippines
“Susanne is an engaging speaker, and the story of her experience climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is both breathtaking and inspiring. The life lessons she shares throughout her journey are practical and helpful.”
"Speaking with passion Susanne shares her stories of personal challenge and the discovery of her own authentic power to change the lives of others by climbing her own mountains. I highly recommend Susanne, as her professional, energetic, interesting messages will motivate others to find their own power within.”
Michelle Warkentin
Professional Speaker and Puppeteer
“Susanne’s presentation was inspiring, interesting and informative. She weaves sharing her journey to the top with life lessons learned. I had no idea she had accomplished this amazing feat.”
Eileen Head
Eileen Head Relationship Whisperer

What mountains are you needing help to climb?

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