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Mindful Nature Connection
For Overall Well-Being

Mindful connection with nature has been scientifically proven to improve physical, emotional and mental well-being while also expanding our respect for the planet.

Reawaken your senses and reconnect with the natural world around you.

How to become mindful in nature for FREE!

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Look forward to helping you deepen your connection to nature.

Mindful Nature Connection

Photo by Debbie Shannon from Nature Challenge

Susanne Heaton is Motivated by Nature

Discover the Power of Mindful Nature Connection with Susanne - Your Nature Ambassador

Join me on a journey to connect more deeply with nature to positively transform your life. I will guide you to tap into the restorative power of nature to achieve greater health, peace and purpose.

What are the proven benefits of nature connection?

Improved Health
Better Mood
Increased Creativity
Reduced Stress
Increased Productivity

Learn more about the benefits of mindful connection with nature as well as how you can get your very own nature prescription here

Want to have some fun becoming mindful in nature?
Look no further.

Cultivating stronger connections between nature and children

Help for Children

Are you looking for a book that inspires your child to respect themselves, others as well as the environment? Or do you need a fun program to help your children, daycare or school develop a healthy attitude towards spending time in nature? Our resources are designed to foster mindful nature connection in children and promote a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Join us on this exciting journey towards cultivating a stronger nature connection for children.

Reconnect with nature for overall well-being

Help for You

Are you ready to break free from your couch and embrace the beauty of the natural world? Embark on a journey of mindful nature connection. Join us today, and rediscover the joy of reconnecting with the great outdoors to benefit your mind, body and spirit.

Mindful Nature Connection for Teams

Help for Organizations

Are you looking to enhance your team's happiness, creativity and productivity? We can help you build team morale, foster a positive culture and establish healthy habits for success. Our resources are designed to improve well-being, enhance productivity and promote a deeper connection with nature. Join us today to transform you team's performance through scientifically proven methods.

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Mindful Nature Connection