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Nature Connections Blog

This blog is dedicated to all things nature!  There are many different categories which include reviewing books, documentaries, interviews, articles and insights.  May you deepen your connection with nature and realize that you are a part of nature, not apart from nature.  

Two quick links to articles: 

Nature Based Healing ,  Review of David Attenborough Documentary 

Sending sunshine, Susanne 

Nature-based healing

Thank you Ian of for doing this podcast interview with me. Key Areas of Focus: In this Episode, Ian and I speak about scientifically

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Winter Sowing

Winter Sowing Perennials

It is February 20, 2022, and I have just placed 5 different types of perennials that are beneficial for butterflies and bees…..outside in the snow

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HAPPIFIED Highlights

Did you get HAPPIFIED? I had the honour of speaking at the ONLINE HAPPIFIED event hosted by Karen Judge at the Dose of Happiness which

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Alberta Business Review

I had the honour of being featured recently in the Alberta Business Review. This is what they kindly shared: Not many understand nature’s healing

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Black Prince Cirque

Black Prince Cirque is a beautiful trail in Peter Lougheed that is located just off Smith-Dorian Trail (Hwy 742) which is a gravel road. The

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Getting Your Nature Fix

Interview with author, Florence Williams Yesterday I had the privilege to hear Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix, be interviewed by Vincent Stanley

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