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Team Building

Do You Want to Activate Your Team's Potential?

Team Building

How important is team building to your company?  According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, low morale costs Canadian businesses a staggering $50 billion annually  due to lost productivity including absenteeism, illness and other problems that result when employees are unhappy at work.

Supporting employee mental health through team building can improve productivity, cut down on absences and increase employee retention.  Can you afford not to pay attention to your team’s morale?

We work with forward thinking teams and organizations, people and communities who believe in the 3P Principles of People + Planet=Profit. All our services and programs align with four UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 3 Good Health and Wellbeing; 4 Quality Education; 12 Responsible Consumption and Production; 17 Partnership for the Goals.

Team Building

How can mindful nature connections create and maintain a resilient, effective and thriving team?  Find out the science of how nature connections help here.

Team building challenges are great solutions for:

Testimonials for the ONLINE Team Building:

Team Building Challenge
In December 2020, I was already having discussions with my leadership team about what we could do to help with our staff's mental health because I knew it was suffering. I'm also passionate about nature myself as I realize the importance of being out in it. I really wish the whole world could go through this program because it could encourage more people to start thinking about protecting the environment which is a nice side effect of this.
Eric Mulvin
Owner, Pac Biz
Your site has given us another platform to express what and how we feel about things, so that boredom and depression do not stand a chance!
Team Lead, Pac Biz

Team Building with Fun, Caring, Personalized Instruction

My passion is helping you and your team connect with one another and nature for overall well-being.

Susanne Heaton is Motivated by Nature
Susanne Heaton , Founder

Separation from nature is causing many of the chronic illnesses that we are dealing with today. Science is beginning to catch up to what the sages and mystics knew for centuries.  Nature heals, naturally!

Team members get to know one another on a whole new level.    

I believe that one of the greatest teachers is Mother Nature.  Nature has so much to teach and share with us if we are willing to slow down, look and listen.  Prepare to be inspired. 

More Raves of the Team Building Challenges From Our Participants

How to become mindful in nature for FREE!

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Look forward to helping you deepen your connection to nature.

Online Nature Challenge