Cancer. Burnout. Loss.

I have survived all of these wake-up calls and I am passionate about helping others live a more balanced life, naturally!  

Let’s work together to get things back on the right track.

For over 11 years, I worked in the corporate world doing team building, public speaking, negotiating, marketing and sales. I took a total leap of faith after my wake-up calls and left the corporate world to start my own company, Motivated by Nature. I am a huge advocate for the benefits of connecting with nature and the lessons she teaches with such ease and grace.  This is done through my Nature Challenges, Inspirational Speaking, Workshops and Award-Winning Children’s book.   


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I’m Susanne. My passion is helping people live more healthy, peaceful, meaningful lives. I am Motivated by Nature!
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Immersing yourself in nature can help you decrease stress, increase your immunity and bring more joy back into your life.

“Kudos to Susanne for motivating a team of thirty-five healthcare information technology specialists to dream and scheme of faraway places! Susanne provided a practical presentation about her climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro, encouraging creative action plans. Her storytelling provided valuable examples of personal awareness lessons that our team can apply both professionally and personally.”


Alberta Health Services, Information Technology Liaison and Lead

“It is a very inspirational presentation regarding how we need to listen to ourselves, our dreams and the universe.”


Teacher Support Staff

“Susanne really personalized this and she is an ambassador of goodwill!”



 “Susanne motivates as she leads by her own example. Inspired and inspiring.”


Owner Fresh Beginnings, Lifestyle Service

Want to have some fun getting healthy naturally?


Look no further.

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Help for Children

Do you want a book that inspires your child to respect themselves, others as well as the environment?  Or perhaps you want a fun online program to help your children, daycare or school to develop a healthy attitude towards getting outdoors?

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Help for You

Do you want to be part of a challenge to help you get off the couch and enjoy the great outdoors? There are three different fun options for you to select from. Which one will you choose?

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Help for Companies

Do you want to have a healthy, happy, creative and productive group?  I can provide inspirational talks,  customized online challenges and/or playbooks for your team or clients.

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    Separation from nature is causing many of the chronic illnesses that we are dealing with today. Science is beginning to catch up to what the sages and mystics knew for centuries.  Nature heals, naturally!