InnSaei Documentary Highlights, The Power of Intuition 4

I recently watched InnSaei which is a documentary available on Netflix about the power of intuition and creativity. InnSaei is an Icelandic word which means: – The Sea Within – To See Within – See Inside Out This is a link to the Trailer: Innsaei movie I am totally biased […]

Fifty Truths for Me 8

Today, is my 50th birthday.  I awoke early and felt compelled to write down 50 of my truths.  I would love to hear what resonates for you. 1.  Travel gets you a degree in life. 2.  It is not important what society wants me to be.  Instead it is important […]

Developing Childlike Intuition

Recently, a friend asked me what I liked about Facebook. My reply was the amazing connections that can happen to people you would not have otherwise met. Tracey Locke is a great example of one of those people. I had tears in my eyes when I read her blog on […]