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InnSaei Documentary Highlights

The Power of Intuition

I recently watched InnSaei which is a documentary available on Netflix about the power of intuition and creativity. InnSaei is an Icelandic word which means:
– The Sea Within
– To See Within
– See Inside Out
This is a link to the Trailer: Innsaei movie

Highlights from the movie

I am totally biased because I LOVE absolutely everything they highlighted in this documentary.  Here are some of the highlights that I gleaned:

  1. Rational thought has dominated the past.  We now need to take a new approach and start listening to our intuition.
  2. We currently are lost in the numbers and the logic.  We need to start letting our intuition flow.
  3. Our own biases can be dangerous.
  4. Wisdom has been replaced by Knowledge which in turn has been replaced with Information.  (We all know that feeling of information overload!)
  5. Strokes on the left side of the brain are far less damaging than those on the right side of the brain.  The right side is where creativity, intuition and imagination is stored, while the left side is the concrete/analytical, logical, rational part of the brain.
  6. 98% of the brain does NOT us logic, belief or strategy.
  7. Everyone’s brain is constantly evolving.
  8. Nature is the silent witness of intuition.  It speaks in all kinds of languages.
  9. The noise in our external world is muting our internal world, and blocking our access to our intuition.
  10. Our disrespect for the earth translates into the disrespect that exists for women.
  11. Visions, feelings and imagination cannot be put into boxes because that ceases the flow.
  12. When we go inside ourselves to activate our intuition, we are able to access our purpose.
  13. Each of us has a strong inner compass to navigate our way through this ever-changing world.
  14. Teaching young children the science of  the mind is a very powerful tool for helping them to regulate their emotions.

I would love to hear your feedback on what stood out for you, if you watch this movie.  Do any of the points that I have stated above resonate with you?  Please share.

4 thoughts on “InnSaei Documentary Highlights”

  1. Susanne, I too watched this documentary. Our society, (especially western) has gotten way off track from what matters most in life. Our kids are overwhelmed with too much information both in and out of school. I think I am ready for a mini revolution to rebel in my own peaceful way. Time to shift into a more healthy and sustainable way of living. (For the sake of our health and sanity.)

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