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Gratitude Rocks Calgary!

Jpeg_2_biggerThis is just one of the many shares that are happening from the Gratitude Rocks Calgary project.  A huge thank you to Tina Thrussell of Best U Can B Inc for writing this into [email protected].  Also a huge thank you goes to Tina for donating rocks to be painted and her time with this project as well.  In gratitude.

On Saturday, Neil and I hosted a Heart & Soul Journey in our home. A handful of our good friends and clients were there. There was also a new addition to our ‘family’ – a young woman named Bonnie whom we’d never met before. She’d found out about the event on Meet-up and decided to take a chance that she’d enjoy us and what we were offering.

Our journey as a group included meditations, visualizations, and intimate, heart-felt sharing of our thoughts and feelings. At one point, it became obvious to everyone (including Bonnie herself) that she had been living a very restrained life. She is prim and proper, living by the rules on the outside, but on the inside there is a little girl who just wants to be free to come out and play. I knew, as I listened to her sharing, that the beautiful little Gratitude Rock I’d received only a couple of weeks earlier… the rock that had reminded me that I needed to bring more playfulness into my own life… had found a new owner.

I ran up to my office and pulled my little friend off the shelf beside my computer, running it back down to join the group. I told the story of how the Gratitude Rocks came to be, and Bonnie said, “That’s so beautiful!”

I replied, “Bonnie, I believe this gratitude rock is to be passed on to you.” When I handed her the rock, which had been elegantly painted in Gold ink with the word ‘play,’ she smiled, “Oh, it even has a butterfly on it!” She stroked it gingerly, then said, “Thank you so much. This is very special.”

I trust that the little rock will serve Bonnie as well as it did me. I am grateful to the artist, Ryan, who created this wonderful little message-carrier for us to share. And I am very grateful to my dear friend, Susanne, for bringing the Gratitude Rocks Project to life in Calgary.

Thank you!

Tina Thrussell

AkaWoman that Dances with Light

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