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Soul Sparks of Insight

I was recently part of the Fuel Your Divine Fire Event that hosted a total of five speakers including myself.  The overall theme was to have presenters share their stories to help fan the flames of possibilities for those in attendance.  I have captured the key sparks of insight I received from the four other speakers.

  1. Gary Savitsky: Author, Artist, Mentor, Messenger, Healer, Speaker www.garysavitsky.comGary spoke on Tapping a Thin Place – Unleashing Divine Potential and the fact that each of us can access that directly within.  This quote that he stated spoke volumes to me.  “Don’t just do something, sit there.”Thich Nhat Hanh

Gary also masterfully channeled an amazing work of Divine Calligraphy right in front of the entire room.

  1.  Karen Klassen: Enlightened Love Coach, Author, Speaker spoke on the Evolution of Relationship and she shared the importance of rising above the line of fear and returning to love.   She revealed a very powerful acronym for FEAR which was:

F ace

E verything

A nd

R ise

  1.  Judy Armstrong: Professional singer, Songwriter, Speaker and Coach spoke on The Power of Your Voice – The Real You! Judy’s key message was to truly realize your own brilliance.  Her talent to use her voice like a singing bowl is something I have never seen or experienced before and she had me in total awe.  She finished her talk with a song called “Do you remember, you are one with all.” Her voice and the story that went with this song were powerful beyond words.
  2.  Jennifer Wortman Maki: Seeker, Speaker, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Chief Visionary Officer & Owner of Project YES! Life.  Jennifer spoke on The Phone Booth Awaits-Igniting the Hero Within.  There were a few key points that I took away from Jennifer’s talk.
    1. We each need to step in and be who we are meant to be.
    2. It is  important to be “Mindful in the Moment”.  This was reinforced by what her three year old son said to her when they were in a busy parking lot.  He made her pull back into the stall and had his brother, his mom and himself close their eyes for three minutes and just breathe.  As Jennifer pulled away, she asked her son what that was all about.  He said, “Mom, sometimes we need to just take a moment in the ‘crazy’.” From this, Jennifer developed the concept of being Mindful in the Moment and to help with this, she gave each of us M & M’s to suck on and not bite. I absolutely love that this idea was ignited by a child.  They have so much to teach us and we truly need to see them for all that they can.
    3. Celebrate your “Yes” moments.
    4. Take the time to see everyone whether they are children or adults.  This is as simple as saying a friendly hello.
    5. By saying “No” to one thing, you are saying “Yes” to something else.

I know that these speakers helped to stoke my fire with their wisdom and wonderful energy.  I hope that my sharing this helps to ignite the fire within you as well.

One last thing I learned was the incredible POWER of an “Ask”.  By simply asking, we received amazing support in sponsorship for the event from the following:

Food and drink:

*The Naked Leaf in Kensington supplied two types of wonderful tea (Passion Ginger and Christmas Plum) as well as cups for the event:

* Higher Ground in Kensington supplied Organic Coffee from Guatemala as well as wholesome, yummy muffins:

* Edible Fruit Arrangements on Country Hills Blvd donated a work of art with their fruit bouquet:

* Sobey’s in Tuscany provided a beautiful cheese tray:

Door Prizes:

The Crystal Ranch in Stettler, Alberta donated tumbled citrine stones for all participants :

Holly Spero of Color By Amber donated an amazing eco friendly and sustainable bracelet:

RnR Wellness Spa donated $25 gift certificates for each participant plus a gift basket worth $150:

Dr. Badri Rickhi donated 12 Cosmic Game Creating Angels envelopes which had anywhere from $5 to $50 in them:

I learned so much at this event and I am so grateful for all the connections that were made. May you step into your passion, follow your dreams and see your life take off like wildfire.

Sending loads of sunshine,


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