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Lessons from Hot Yoga

“Stick to it, take a rest when needed, then you will find success.” Andrea Naderi, Yoga instructor and manager at Hot Yoga on Crowfoot Calgary

Positive Poses to Feeling Great

This year for my Christmas gift, I asked for a one month pass to Hot Yoga.  I truly love how it works the Mind, Body and Spirit and since I am turning the Fabulous 5-0 this year, I wanted to take positive steps to truly feeling great.

Listen to your inner voice

I started going on Dec. 29 and did a total of four hot yoga classes. I had not had any issues with making it all the way through the entire class.  For some reason, the fifth class was different.  First off, I had decided to go right to the front of the class to better see my poses in the mirror.  There were a lot more people in the room which may have increased the humidity, but I cannot be sure. What I do know is that when we were very close to being done, I felt very light headed and needed to assume the “dead man’s pose” (This is lying flat on back, palms up with as little motion as possible).  At first my critical mind had started belittling my efforts and criticizing why I needed to rest.  I had gone through the whole class before.  What was wrong with me this time?  And then, that voice of reason came in and said perhaps by me taking the rest I needed to, I would also be showing others that it was okay to do just that (especially since I was in the front row.)

Right after thinking those thoughts, Andrea stated the quote above, “Stick to it, take a rest when needed, then you will find success.”  It was so profound for me to hear that quote for many reasons:

  1.       It validated that I needed to be exactly where I was.
  2. It was in total alignment with the lessons that nature teaches us with such ease and grace with the seasons.  Winter shows us that there is definitely a time needed for rest.
  3. It also validated where I am in my business right now.  At times it can be incredibly frustrating being an entrepreneur.  We all need to take a rest and recharge before we can find our success.

Andrea’s words brought huge comfort and validation for me.  What added to the whole experience was the gentleman beside me asked if I was okay at the end of the session.  I indicated that I had just become light headed and he said how important it is for us to listen to what our bodies are telling us.  As I went out in the hallway, I overheard two young ladies talking and the one had indicated that she had become very light headed in the practice.  I told her I did as well and that I had to lie down.  Both these ladies had to do the exact same thing. They too had been before without any issues at all.  We all smiled at each other, clinked our water bottles and said “Cheers to us for listening to our bodies.”

The final lesson I took away was to stop comparing myself to others.  I had no idea that so many others needed to do the exact same thing that I did.  We all need to listen to the whispers of our body and soul.  Do any of these lessons resonate for you? Please share any insights.



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