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Wine Tasting Results at WomenTalk

Wine Tasting at Crowfoot Wine & Spirits for WomenTalk Meetup, April 16, 2015

Our amazing sommelier, Elliot, from Crowfoot Wine and Spirits helped us kick off our Women Talk Meet Up on April 16 with sampling four different wines.

I found out two things that I had not been aware of

1.  The lower the alcohol content, the sweeter the wine is.

2.  Sweeter wine pairs well with spicy foods

Sample Results of the White Wines


White rabbitFirst Wine: White Rabbit $13.59 +tax+deposit

Region: Mosel region of Germany

Type of Grape: Reisling

Details: Had a taste of Granny Smith Apple, Melon, and Cantaloupe

Ideal Pairings: Great with spicy dishes like Thai and even Mexican Tacos


RigamaroulSecond Wine: Rigamarole 2012 $16.79 +tax+deposit

Region: Okanagan Wine

Type of Grape: Blend of Riesling/ Gewurztraminer /Pinot Grigio

Details: More floral notes

Ideal Pairings: Mediterranean, salads and white fish



Samples Results of the Red Wines:

ZvygeltThird Wine: Zvygelt 2014 $18.39 + tax +deposit

Type of Grape:  Zwigelt

Region: Austria (considered Old Wine Region)

Details: Red Berries and Raspberry compote taste with a spicy note and light finish

Ideal Pairings: Good with white fish and salmon (can chill this to same temperature as a white wine)


Hacienda Lopez de HaroFourth Wine: Hacienda Lopez de Haro 2005  $16.19 +tax+deposit

Region: Spain (Has the essence of old world wine region without the cost)

Type of Grape: 90% Tempranillo, 5% Graciano and 5% Garnacha

Details: Red and black fruit with tannin presence

Ideal Pairings: This wine is a food friendly wine in that it pairs well with most foods

Extra info: This wine is aged 18 months in the barrel and held for 1 year in the winery and bottled for 1 year before it is released.

AppiesAll of these wines were complimented by a wonderful cheese platter with crackers as well as a unique combination of watermelon spears with basil and a white chevre cheese that had been drizzled with balsamic vinegar.  Wonderful learning, wines and appetizers.  Thank you Crowfoot Liquor Wine and Spirits and thank you Montilla Wealth for sponsoring this WomenTalk Meet Up.  Proceeds go to the YWCA.  For more information on WomenTalk MeetUp, please visit:

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