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Spiritual Meaning of Osprey

Yesterday I did something that has been on my bucket list since I moved to Calgary.  A friend, Brenda Frame of, had organized a rafting trip down the Bow River and asked if I would like to join. Brenda firmly believes in the importance of gifting yourself the time to have some fun and play.

At first I felt I had too much on my plate to join.  But then, I listened to that voice deep inside me that encouraged me to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors in the sunshine.  Being out in nature truly heals my soul and rejuvenates me.  Not to mention the fact that there were some amazing women that I got to connect with over just a few belly laughs. Nature always has messages to share with us, if we are willing to stop, look and listen:

One of the first magical birds we saw was this Osprey who literally kept posing for all the pictures I was taking. First Nations people believe that all birds have a very significant connection to the Creator.  On top of this, I knew that I needed to research the specific meaning of Osprey, because it was giving a message not only for myself, but for everyone else that saw it.

I found this excerpt from this Spirit Animals site :

“If you desire to see your ambition realized – it’s time to move on it NOW!” – Osprey

Are you feeling a little out of your comfort zone? Has the changes in you and around you been a bit overwhelming of late? Osprey is here to let you know that you can put your head under the emotional water and still survive. Stop worrying what other people think, it’s only your ego that thinks they will notice anything in the first place.

Alternatively Osprey may be reminding you to respect other peoples boundaries  and also make sure your own boundaries are clear enough so that others can respect you. The Osprey is also connected to all aspects of Solar Worship and come into your life to emphasize the value and healing power of the sun. The Hawk is also a close relative of the this bird of prey and in this association shares the job of being a messenger. If Osprey has flown into your life – stay alert because important information is pending.”

I had not realized that Osprey are part of the Hawk family.  Osprey are also the only member of the Hawk family that actually dive into the water to get their prey.  The symbolism of this is that they balance consciousness with unconsciousness.

The timing of this message could not have been more perfect as it is one I needed to hear on so many levels.  I am currently working on some things for my business that are pushing me out of my comfort zone.  I have also felt overwhelmed especially since coming back from holidays and my three week technology break. I have felt like I am in a quicksand of email and technology overload.  Everything seems so busy which makes it more difficult to live in the present.

This sign from nature encouraged me to change by bad habit of jumping onto the computer first thing this morning and instead I gifted myself some time to meditate and then to write this blog.  I realize as well that boundaries are key for me to submitting an important proposal by the end of today for my business.

Nature has so many incredible signs for us to see if we are just willing to slow down, look and listen.  Since each of us are connected, I would be interested in hearing if Osprey’s message resonated for you.

Sending sunshine your way,


4 thoughts on “Spiritual Meaning of Osprey”

  1. Thank you for sharing this blog with me Susanne – and for adding your energy, laughter and wisdom to our rafting trip. You have been such an inspiration to me over this past year – in more ways than you know. Many of the women rafting with us on Sunday are in a place of transition – so the fact that we saw the osprey and a hawk is beyond cool! Add on top of that – we had been setting intentions and sharing what we want to create right around the time that we saw them. I have learned over this year that nature and the universe ALWAYS support us and their messages are clear – if we are open to listening. Thanks for helping us hear yet another message.

    1. Thank you for organizing all of us for this incredible day of play and discovery. Thank you for helping to reinforce the importance of looking for the signs that nature shows to us with such ease and grace. Keep on shining your own, unique beautiful light. 😉

  2. Thank you so much for this incredibly useful information! I am currently on a spiritual journey, and I am always looking for signs from nature. I believe nature has such an abundance of wisdom to share with us from the spiritual realm! I am incredibly thankful that I stumbled across your blog! I hope you are shining and thriving! Blessings and love!

  3. Thank you for your kind comment Denise. Nature has so much to share with us if we are only willing to slow down, look and listen. Good for you for being mindful and curious with your nature connections.

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