Fifty Truths for Me

About Susanne

Today, is my 50th birthday.  I awoke early and felt compelled to write down 50 of my truths.  I would love to hear what resonates for you.

1.  Travel gets you a degree in life.

2.  It is not important what society wants me to be.  Instead it is important to be who I want to be.

3.  My self worth is not dictated by what others think of me.

4.  Nature is one of our greatest teachers if we just slow down, look and listen.

5. Life does not happen on our time line but instead things unfold exactly when they are meant to.

6.  Angels and faeries do exist.

7. Age is just a state of mind.

8.  We need to respect our body, mind and spirit and give what is needed to be a well functioning unit.

9.  First Nation’s spirituality resonates deeply with me because it embraces and respects the environment so beautifully.

10.  Nature has signs to share with us to give us messages we need to hear or see.

11.  Our most significant growth happens through our most trying times.

12.  There is no such thing as coincidence.

13.  There are no guarantees in life.

14.  We live our life for the future when we should be conscious instead of the present.

15.  Random Acts of Kindness have a tidal wave of positive impact that we can never fully see.

16.  All our relationships are designed to help us to grow.

17.  Every moment is a choice.

18.  There are only two modes that we can operate from: Fear or Love and we can’t be in both at the same time.

19. It is the small things in life that we need to embrace.

20.  Everything is energy.

21.  Each of us was born with psychic gifts

22.  Vulnerability is a courageous quality to have.

23. The only mistake there is, is not making one!

24.  Listening is a true art.

25.  We are all connected.

26.  Failure gets a bad wrap.  It actually leads to success with the lessons learned along the way.

27.  Intuition needs to be nurtured from a very early age.

28.  There is no such thing as death.

29.  The world does not stop spinning to acknowledge grief.

30.  Expressing gratitude for what we already have brings us even more to be grateful for.

31.  Encouraging words can be a total game changer in a person’s life.

32.  I chose my family to learn the life lessons I needed to.

33.  Not expressing my truth has ended up causing more pain than expressing it in the first place.

34.  Emotions become so deeply embedded in us that it affects us on a cellular level.

35.  Our thoughts are powerful magnets that attract exactly what it is we are thinking.

36.  Happiness is indeed an inside job.

37.  Humour is healing for the mind, body and soul.

38.  In the end, the only “stuff” we can take with us is our character and our memories.

39.  Spending time with children to see the wonder and awe in life again is essential to our well being.

40.  What we want when we are 20 changes significantly throughout the years.

41.  Everything truly does happen for a reason.  It is just that the reason may never make sense to us in this lifetime.

42.  Perspective is a tricky topic- there is your truth, my truth and the real truth somewhere in the middle.

43.  We are beings of vibration that are in our body for a very short time.

44. Each of us need to become conscious of why we are here at this time.

45.  We need nature, nature doesn’t need us.

46.  People are mirrors for us into what we see in ourselves.

47.  Our bodies give us signs on what expands or contracts our energy.  The more we listen to those signs, the healthier we will be.

48.  We are never alone.  The universe always is supporting us.

49.  God, Source, Great Spirit or whatever you call it, is not a punishing force.

50.  You are your own greatest “guru”.  All of the answers are found deep in your soul.

May this list bring insights and may you dig deep into your soul to connect with your truth.  Here is another list on turning 50 to hit this message home!

Sending loads of sunshine and faery magic!