Lessons from a Flower

Lessons from a Flower:

Have you ever looked at something many times and never really seen the beauty, magic or wonder in it?  That is exactly how I felt when I looked closely at this picture that I took while I was on holidays.  Look at how the spiral is perfectly formed in this Echinacea flower. How many times have I looked at this intricate flower and never seen this incredible pattern?  How many times have I missed the magic that was being shown right in front of my very eyes?

This mesmerizing shape has been referred to as the Golden Ratio which is commonly found in nature.  This principle in nature has been studied and copied by musicians, artists, mathematicians, and architects to name a few.  Some believe that the Golden Ratio makes the most pleasing and beautiful shapes yet it is not fully understood why the human eye is so drawn to it.

Nature holds so much amazing wisdom and insights for us if we are prepared to stop, look and listen.  We need to look at everything with the awe and excitement of having seen it for the very first time, just like a young child would.

In the words of the brilliant Albert Einstein, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  I could not agree more!

Sending sunshine!