The Healing Power of Nature

Happy June!

I was so excited to read this article from Canadian Health & Lifestyle on nature by Anna Sharratt.  The overall point of the article is how the healing power of nature can benefit us if we are just willing to slow down, look and listen.

These are the key things from the article that I would like to share:

– Dr. Shimi Kang who is a psychiatrist from Vancouver often gives her patients a “lifestyle” prescription which states that they must “Get outside into nature every day. “ She does this because she says it works. She says, “It is very effective to be outside on sunny days because our brains release powerful neuro-chemicals similar to those you may be trying to promote with medications.”

– Scientific studies published by Mind and our Bodies, states that reconnecting with nature helps to reduce our stress levels.

– A 2008 study in the journal Psychological Science found that people who walked in parks “had improved memory and attention spans over those who walked downtown.”

– A 2010 study published by the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that “individuals walking outdoors reported a greater change in vitality compared with indoor walkers.”

– Research indicates that healing is accelerated when people are exposed to even simple things like flowers or houseplants.

So what are you waiting for?  Get out and enjoy the great outdoors.  Here is to your health!

Sending sunshine,