What are you focusing on today?

Yesterday morning I went for a magical walk outside.  I literally felt like I had stepped out of the back of the wardrobe and entered Narnia from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  The only thing missing, was the lamppost!  I loved engaging all my senses; hearing the silence of the snow falling, seeing the beautiful scenes that nature was painting with snow, smelling the crisp, fresh air, and feeling so warm and contented deep down into my soul.

Today, was a different story.  At least to begin with.  As I stepped out, I saw the beauty again.  But very early on in the walk, the feeling was focused on a biting wind that was making my eyes water and my cheeks burn from the cold.  The more I focused on this, the less I saw, heard and felt nature’s beauty.  A negative tape started to play in my head. “It’s cold, when will this walk be over!”  And then, it happened.  A simple blade of grass absolutely covered in snow took my breath away with its beauty.  I had to stop and take its picture.  In fact, I stopped and took many pictures and realized that yesterday, I hadn’t even seen the beauty of this blade of grass.

A natural teacher!

As I continued walking, it hit me the incredible lesson that nature had just shared with me.  It is very easy for us to see beauty all

around us when all the “conditions” are going right in our life, but do we continue to see the beauty when some “conditions” are wrong?  What do we choose to focus on when all the conditions are not optimal?  That blade of grass made me realize that it can be something very simple that can help to shift our focus onto the positive and see things we may not have seen before.

I am so grateful to nature for being one of my best teachers in educating me along this journey we call life.  What are you going to choose to focus on today?