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Insights from BlogTalk Radio Interview

SednaToday I had the honour of having a Blog Talk Radio interview with Cynthia Vicker’s Show about my book, The ABC Field Guide to Faeries.
Before I did the show, I lit a candle, grounded myself and asked for my faeries and angels to be with me. I drew a card from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Deck prior to the show, and it was Sedna whose quote is, “You are supplied for today, and all of your tomorrows.” One of the meanings of this card was to “swim with the dolphins”. When I read this it made me tear up. Sarah, the 12 year old girl who my book is dedicated to, swam with the dolphins at Disney World as one of her “last wishes” which was granted by the Rainbow Society in Winnipeg, MB. I immediately knew that her presence was with me.

The funny thing about “faery energy” is that it is also a little mischievous. When Cynthia who hosted the show called me, her headset was not working properly, and she tried calling me three times and eventually just had to use her handset so that I could hear her. Totally, faery energy at work!
I also realized on further reflection, that my late father’s presence was also with me. My father was very much into land and water conservation, and the card I drew above states that Sedna is “very appreciative of those who give time, money, or efforts to protect the sea and its creatures.”
I am incredibly grateful for my guides, insights and signs and for Cynthia being such a wonderful host.
To hear the full show, click here:

In love, light, laughter and enlightenment,
Sending sunshine on this blustery cold Calgary day!

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