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What the *&^- am I doing?!

alex-baisley-234x300Tonight I went to hear Alex Baisley speak and I am so pumped I can’t sleep, so had to write this blog. Alex is an incredibly inspiring speaker, not to mention his wonderful New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Irish accent combination.

If you have not had the chance to hear him, I highly suggest that you check him out. I have been to so many speakers lately that just give you a quick glance of what they can offer, but they always do the up-sell at the end and say, “In my full day course, you’ll learn….”. Alex is not like this at all. He gives you the straight goods in his “Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle (aka What the *&^- am I doing with my life?!)

Alex spoke straight to my heart on the importance of living your wildest dreams now. He comes from such an authentic place. He is funny and entertaining and has so many great stories to share.

Speaking of stories, here is one called the ‘Tale of Two Barbers” that he shared. It really helps to drive home his message that it is not your job; it is your lifestyle that determines your happiness. Enjoy the clip and please follow your wildest dreams. It is 9 minutes, but it is worth every minute.

For more information on Alex, please visit:

May each and everyone of you have the courage to follow your heart and live your wildest dreams.
Sending lots of sunshine and faery magic.


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