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Earth Day, April 22, 2011

childrecyclingWhat are you going to do to help reduce your ecological footprint today, tomorrow, and beyond?  Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

I was recently at the Wild Flour Cafe in Banff and they posted the following information on their bulletin board:
“North Americans use 58% of all paper cups worldwide amounting to a staggering 130 billion cups/yr!” I found this quote truly alarming.

A great thing that this cafe offered was compostable cups from Ingeo which are made from plants (dextrose from field corn), not oil, so they are fully recyclable. This cafe also recycled/composted: serviettes, cups, bottles, juice containers, plastic cutlery, condiment cups, straws, stir sticks and java jackets. One very easy thing that we can do to lighten our footprint is by bringing our own travel mug into the various coffee places we frequent, or by visiting businesses like this one that are truly trying to make a difference.

What are you going to do to help celebrate Earth Day?
In the wise words of the faery Michael:
“Do whatever you can to make this world a cleaner place,
Get caught up in this challenge, as if it were a race.
Pick up any garbage that you happen to see,
And all will be blessed by what comes to be.”

Please share with me how you will be celebrating Earth Day. I would love to hear your comments.

Sending you lots of sunshine to melt that snow and plenty of faery magic to make those flower bulbs grow!

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