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Lessons Learned at the Power of Women

logoThe Power of Women was held on Wednesday, April 20 at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. What an amazing event it was. Not only was I with some very incredible, brilliant women and men, I also was able to glean some wonderful information from the high profile speakers that I would like to share with you.

Key Points Learned
Lesley Stahl: Legendary Broadcast Journalist and Co-Editor of 60 Minutes
– Images and emotions are so powerful that what is said actually gets ignored!
– You need to exude confidence in all that you do, even if you are totally stressed and nervous.
– Best retort that she has heard when someone has said, “Women are too emotional.” The response is, “Since when is anger not an emotion!”

Barbara Corcoran: Author, Real Estate Mogul, Business Expert
1. To the public, perception creates reality. Create an image of success even before it happens.
2. People do judge a book by its’ cover
3. Make a statistical report. Do an analytical report and send it to the press. Having a third party endorsement from the press is very powerful.
4. Align yourself with powerful people in your field. (Most “little” guys shy away from this, but there is always a solution that you can offer the “big” guys if you think about it long enough.)
5. Think outside the box.
6. Tie your name into current news.
7. Learn to grandstand.
8. Find yourself a stage.
9. Fun is good for business
10. Fun breed innovation. Every good idea for her business happened from her company retreats.
11. Fun cultures recruit and retain the best people.
Note that the worst times are the best times to move ahead because the little business has the advantage of moving more quickly than big businesses that are bogged down in bureaucracy.

Peggy Klaus: Author, Workplace Communication and Leadership Expert
On Leadership
1. Develop your craft, practice, listen to feedback and never stop growing
2. There are a number of different leaders with different styles that are as equally dynamic.
3. One is never done learning leadership

Three reasons that women are not on the top of the Org. Chart
1. No access to men’s events
2. Lack of mentoring (don’t get mentored by the guys at the top)
3. Perception by folks at the top that women lack necessary leadership skills because we look and sound different

Recommended visiting the March 14 edition of Newsweek, 150 Women Who Shake the World

How do women leaders make it:
1. Embrace values/Set Vision/Become an expert in specific set of soft skills
2. Deal with perfectionism
3. Do not take things so personally
4. Politically Savvy – navigate the land mines
5. Build strategic alliances
6. Take Risks
7. Brag about themselves and their people artfully and gracefully
8. Speak up and push back
As an exercise, she had women write down which two above they do not deal with, how it would derail them and what they were going to do to get over that hurdle.

Michelle Phillips: Author, Life Coach
– It takes only seven seconds to size someone up
– We need to try to remove one thing from our “To do” list every day, and put in one thing that is just for us to enjoy
– We need to ask ourselves, “What would I do today if I knew I couldn’t fail?”
– We need to dress for the dreams you have/for the job we want, not the one we currently have
– We need to look knowledgeable, credible and trustworthy

Loretta LaRoche: Acclaimed Stress Expert, Author, Humorist and Motivational Speaker
If you have not had the chance to see Loretta speak, try to get one of her videos. She is 72 yrs old, full of energy and vitality and is one funny lady. She fully promotes lightening up and enjoying life more. She is a true joy to be around. Through storytelling, much laughter and antidotes, Loretta finished up with the acronyms “Blossom” which stands for the following:
B elieve in yourself
L ighten up
O pen your heart
S ing praises of people you like
S oothe yourself with healthy distractions
O rchestrate your life as if you were a conductor
M arvel every day you are alive. Be in awe.

Suzanne Somers: Actress, Business Leader and Best Selling Author
Suzanne talked about her journey of empowerment. Her scare with cancer caused her to research extensively into how to heal herself. She is very passionate about sharing her message on how each of us can age gracefully with vitality and vigor and avoid various diseases.

Jessica Holmes: Comedian/Actress
Jessica was the emcee for the entire event. She is from Ottawa. Her Celine Dion impersonation had everyone in absolute stitches. Jessica truly made the show with her quick wit and her natural talent for humour.

I hope that you have found these points helpful. Embrace the incredible beings you are and let your light shine!

Sending plenty of sunshine,


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