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Nature and Signs for Reflection

Blue bird

So how was your long weekend? Did you receive any wonderful signs from being out in nature? I was sent three beautiful signs while my husband and I took a drive out through the rolling countryside on Saturday to Water Valley.

The first sign was seeing a magnificent Mountain Bluebird. It brought tears streaming down my face. My late grandfather Alexander (Gramps) had been a huge advocate for bringing the bluebirds back to our area in Manitoba. He spent countless hours making bluebird boxes, numbering them and putting them up throughout the countryside. He was so meticulous. He would not mount his boxes on any old fence post which would have been a much easier route to take. He said that mice could easily climb up the fence post and eat the bluebird eggs. So my grandfather would painstakingly use a post auger and drill a hole in the ground and put in a metal post and mount the bluebird box lovingly on top of it. His labour of love proved fruitful as he did attract the bluebirds back to our area. So seeing that beautiful, magnificent bird fly by with its brilliant coat of blue, as well as seeing all of the bluebird boxes in the area made me instantly think of Gramps.

In native culture, bluebirds are a symbol of love, contentment, hope and happiness. I smile to myself as I am writing this, as I fondly remember how my grandfather affectionately called me “Snoozie”, instead of “Susie” just to tease me.

As we continued on further down the road, we came across four deer. The number four is all about communication, and I knew that deer represented gentleness, humbleness and humility, but I was shocked when I found this interpretation of deer meaning on the internet from
“The deer is linked to the arts, specifically poetry and music in ancient Celtic animal lore due to its graceful form. The Celts also believed that deer were associated with the faerie realm, and would lead troops of faeries – hundreds of them trailing behind them as the stag cut a path.” There is no doubt in my mind that the faeries were working their mischievous magic with me and having a wee laugh at the same time!

Now what makes this encounter even more interesting was I found out that day that Water Valley was holding its Celtic Festival on Saturday, June 25! I am happy to report that Susanne, The Sunshine Faery will be one of the artists selling her wares during this wonderful event.

Driving on we discovered a little gem called Fallentimber Meadery The staff were wonderful and Mead is very much linked to the Celts and the faery realm since it is a wine made with honey.

As we returned home, I had a final sign shown to me that again made tears stream down my face. It was a lone Canada goose flying across our path. Communication is the message from goose. Goose quills were what writers first used to write with ink prior to the invention of the dip pen. Before my father passed, he told me in one of our heart-to-heart conversations to “Get yourself out of that corporate job, and go and focus on writing your book.” I did just exactly that. So goose has a very strong meaning to me.

Thank you Great Spirit for working in the ways you do to show us all these magnificent signs. It only helps to reinforce that our loved ones are always close at hand watching over us, if we are willing to see the signs that are shown.
In gratitude,


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