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The Mastery of Love Review

mastery-of-loveWhat book are you currently reading? I just finished reading Don Miguel-Ruiz’s book, The Mastery of Love. He is the same author of The Four Agreements. The book really spoke to me.

Here is a quick excerpt:
“You have the power to create. Your power is so strong that whatever you believe comes true. You create yourself, whatever you believe you are. You are the way you are because that is what you believe about yourself. Your whole reality, everything you believe, is your creation. You have the same power as any other human in the world. The main difference between you and someone else is how you apply your power, what you create with your power”….
In our mind we create that part of us that is always judging. The Judge is judging everything we do, everything we don’t do, everything we feel, everything we don’t feel. We are judging ourselves all the time, and we are judging everyone else all the time based on what we believe and based on the sense of justice and injustice….

As a child, you were innocent. You believed everything. The Belief System was put inside you like a program by the outside Dream. The Toltecs call this program ‘The Parasite’.

The human mind is sick because it has a Parasite that steals its vital energy and robs it of joy. The Parasite is all those beliefs that make you suffer. Those beliefs are so strong that years later when you learn new concepts and try to make your own decision, you find those beliefs still control your life. The Parasite spreads like a disease from our grandparents, to our parents, to ourselves. All those programs get inside children the same way we train a dog. Humans are domesticated animals and this domestication leads us into the dream of hell where we live in fear. The food for the Parasite is the emotions that come from fear.

There is tons more but when I was reading this it really spoke to me. I have always thought that “Hell” is what we create here on this earthly plane. It is all under our power by the thoughts that we think. Our mind is a powerful thing. Let’s use it wisely. Let’s embrace what powerful beings we truly are and create our own heaven here on earth.

In love, light and enlightenment,

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