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How has your father inspired you?

Dad 1Since today is Father’s Day, I wanted to reflect on what my father inspired me to become, and would love it if you took the time to reflect on this thought as well and share any insights you have with me.

Back in Nov, 2008, we discovered that doctors had “missed” a six inch tumour on my dad’s liver and he was given only three months to live. I was able to spend those final months in Manitoba with my father on our family farm and we had many heart-to-heart conversations. In one of those talks, my dad looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Sus, get yourself out of that corporate job and go and focus on writing your book.” If you had known my father, you would realize just how shocking it was to hear him say these words.

After he passed away in January 2009, I returned to Calgary and effective March 2009, I resigned from my corporate job. I created my own company called Motivated by Nature and am now an author, publisher, speaker and FUNdraiser.

To date, my children’s book, The ABC Field Guide to Faeries which has inspiring reminders of respect for ourselves, each other and the environment, has helped to raise over $15,000 for worthy causes. It has helped to keep the memory of Sarah Lisa Foidart alive. It has also been nominated for numerous awards. This journey has been an incredible rollercoaster ride of emotions, but it is a journey that I am very grateful that I decided to take. It is thanks to the sage advice of my father that I have been able to walk this path that I am walking.
In deepest gratitude,

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