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Heart-warming artwork

Sunnyside School children’s artwork

I had the honour of presenting my book to the Sunnyside school children. After sharing all the messages from the faeries about respect for self, others and the environment, these children went and created works of art for me. The detail in the drawings is absolutely amazing to me.

Most Popular Faery with the boys

The faery that seemed to have the most impact on the boys was Faery Michael. Here is what he is all about.

“Michael, who enjoys sports and is happiest outside,

Loves to play all day on the skateboard he rides.

He picks up the litter he finds along the pathways,

As he wants earth to be clean for all of its days.

Michael’s message:

Do whatever you can to make this world a cleaner place,

Get caught up in this challenge, as if it were a race.

Pick up any garbage that you happen to see,

And all will be blessed by what comes to be.”

Real Live Faery!

The children also enjoyed seeing Susanne, the Sunshine Faery in the book and reading to them too! I so enjoy reading from the book to the children and see their eyes light up with the wonder of it all. The letter S stands for the following:

Susanne the sunshine faery, often can be found,

In fields of sunflowers, down upon the ground.

Sunflowers follow the sun, through the course of the day,

So wherever the sun is in the sky, they point that way.

Susanne believes:

We are all connected like beams of light to the sun,

So we must be kind to others for we’re all truly one.

No matter where we come from in terms of colour or race,

We’re linked on and all to this brilliant light place.”

Feedback from the visit

Children are my absolute best and most important critics. These children created magical pieces of art that they shared with me after my visit. They said that I could share them with all of you. They drew their own faery inspired from the book and shared their feedback with me. I hope that you all enjoy their creations as much as I do.

The drawings were absolutely priceless.  Here are some of the sayings:

  • Our author’s visit was fun.  I loved it!
  • Our author visit blew me away!
  • Our author visit was spectacular, sensationalistic, and incredible and I loved it!
  • Our author visit was unbelievable.  Best book I ever read.
  • Our author visit was awesome.
  • Our author visit was fun.
  • I thought you were awesome. You are my favorite author.

If you are wanting an author visit that is interactive and taps into the wonder and the magic that is all around us, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Sending sunshine and faery magic to one and all. Shine on!

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