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Synchronicity to following your Bliss!

Summer dragon

One of my favourite quotes is by Joseph Campbell which is “Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors for you where before there were only walls.”

This morning when I was doing my gratitude journaling, the quote on the bottom of the page said, “Follow your Bliss.” Now by noon time, I was really feeling that I wanted to sit in a sunbeam and just soak up the warmth from it. I pulled a card from my Faery Wisdom Deck from Amy Brown and I pulled the Summer Dragon card. Here is a quote directly from it, ” Whether in reality it is summer or not, allow yourself to move into the feeling of summer. Mentally cast a golden, sunny, glow around your body. Be full of bliss! Know that things are going to work out well for you if you just stay in a sunny attitude and go with the flow.” I felt that was amazing synchronicity all to happen on one day. A good friend of mine says that we should not call it synchronicity, but instead “normalacies” because if we are truly walking our path all synchronicities should be “normal”. So to each and every one of you, please follow your bliss. Sending sunshine and faery magic with a summer dragon! Susanne

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