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Taming the Dragon to Flow

Taming the Dragon and going with the flow!

dragonI had shared this revelation lately with a friend and felt that I needed
to do so, on my blog as well. We are no
different than nature. We have our ebbs and flows, our high tides and low
tides. We have our storms and our calms. We must be able to ride them all with ease and grace. In fact, our true character is shown through the ebbs, the lows and the storms. In this “new age” movement, every one promotes that we should always be riding the “high tides”, but that is not natural
nor is it sustainable. We have our mountains to climb, but we also have to
descend from them in order to climb the next mountain to gain the lessons we have come to learn. When we realize this and learn to go with the flow, we can surrender to what the universe will bring in for us, both the highs and the lows. Nature definitely has a lot to teach us if we are only willing to slow down and listen to her wisdom.

The reason I am sharing this today, is I pulled the Moon Dragon card from my Faery Wisdom Deck this morning. This beautiful deck can be found here:

It is the second time I have pulled it this week, and it has a very powerful message. This card is all about emotions and that the moon can make the tides rise and fall, and with them our emotions. “Sometimes the emotions can be lambs, and sometimes they can be Dragons!” When these emotions come in, be willing to sit with them for a while, and truly feel the feelings. Express everything within. Perhaps even write in a journal to help express all that is on your mind. Dig deep into the core of these feelings and keep asking “Why”, until you have the real story. This is the chant:
“Mistress moon, help me to ebb and flow gently with your tide. Allow the Dragon within me to subside. Bring me peace and harmony, just as you can upon the sea. Release my emotions to infinity, so I may live in my divinity. So be it! ‘Wish on a Moon Beam today!”

May this in some way help you with a situation you are facing now or in the future. Sending you lots of sunshine and faery magic to help tame your dragons.


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