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Review by Joy for Readers Favorite

Five_StarReviewed by Joy H. for Readers Favorite

Faery Hillaria
Faery Hillaria

“The ABC Field Guide to Faeries” introduces the reader to faeries by their names as it goes through the entire alphabet. There are faeries for each letter of the alphabet, and some of the letters have two faeries. Here are some examples to help you see what is here:
B is for Buzzalina. Buzzalina is called Buzzy by all of her friends
as she loves to have fun and easily blends. Between practical jokes and dozens of smiles, Buzzy’s laughter rings out for miles and miles. Whether it be in the sun, the rain, or the snow, You should always have fun wherever you go. Also you will find a saying from each, for example as Hillaria lovingly says:

Don’t lose the ability to laugh and to play,
Learn to laugh like me more than ten times a day.
Have you taken the time to laugh at all today?
If not, please do and you’ll feel better right away.

This is just a small taste of what you will find in “THE ABC Field Guide to Faeries.” Including a little of what is in the book gives you a better feel of what you will be getting from this beautiful book. Each page of this book on the faeries has a picture of a child surrounded by beautiful pictures. This is a unique and beautiful way to teach the alphabet to children. It is written in rhyme and it flows nicely and is easily understood by small children. And the illustrations are absolutely adorable. The colors are awesome, and the pictures tell stories all in themselves. Suzanne Alexander-Heaton is truly a gifted storyteller and you will be amazed when you read her ABC book for

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