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Reviewed by Stephanie D.


Reviewed by Stephanie D. for Readers Favorite

“The ABC Field Guide to Faeries” by Susanne Alexander-Heaton with artwork by Chantal T. Gabriell is stunning. Simply stunning. Inspired by, and dedicated to, twelve-year-old Sarah Lisa Foidart, this is exactly the sort of book children will love, boys as well as girls, as there are plenty of boy faeries in the collection. We are presented with twenty-six very modern faeries. There is a short poem about each one of them followed by their own messages in verse to us. Accompanying each faerie is the most sumptuous photo-based artwork you could hope for with some of the cutest faeries imaginable! The pictures are relevant, imaginative and innovative. They take your breath away. The poems are sweet, succinct and modern. Passionella loves to hang glide, Michael skateboards and Camilio goes canoeing and shouts “woo-hoo”. No starchy, godmothery faeries in this book!


There is a positive, relevant message in the pages of this beautiful book. The faeries, often regarded as nature’s angels as the author tells us, inspire us to respect the environment, each other, and perhaps, most importantly, ourselves. The advice we are given includes “…dance with your heart full of love,” “Have you taken the time to laugh today?”, “Pick up any garbage you happen to see,” and “Take positive action…” The valuable messages together with the bright, lively pictures are so effective that you can’t help but be motivated. This is indeed a book of love, light and enlightenment. It is truly wonderful and full of wonder.  For more reviews, visit:

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