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Happy Fall Blessings!


Nature never ceases to amaze me when I stop, look and listen.  Fall began on Saturday, September 22, and the weather was nothing short of spectacular.  My husband and I had decided to drive out to Kananaskis country to do a hike at Ribbon Creek Falls.  As we drove along, I was overwhelmed by the beauty that nature was showing me.  There was such a wide array of tree colours as well as fields of round bales glistening in the sun.  This was all set to the backdrop of a clear blue sky with tiny wisps of white clouds.  These clouds looked like an artist had skillfully painted them in just the right places.


As we drove along, I felt some sadness creeping in.  Fall was always a special time for me growing up on our family farm.  It was a time to harvest and celebrate all that has been sown.  I found myself missing the farm and missing my late father.  Then, the message from Faery Faleryana came in with a flash.  Her message is this,


“Please be not afraid when the leaves drop from the trees,

As the leaf finished its purpose but its spirit never leaves.
With each spring and summer, the leaf’s memory is renewed,
And my magic starts again, as the leaf becomes earth’s food.”

Fall is just another reminder of the cycles of life and how important it is to be fully living in the present.


Our hike was incredibly magical.  It reminded me of the scene from Snow White & The Huntsman where they entered into the enchanted forest which had not been touched by the evil queen.  All of nature was so alive.  The water all along our trail danced and sparkled like it was full of diamonds. Butterflies, chipmunks, squirrels, bees and birds were all busy preparing for the change of seasons.  We even came along some bear tracks which made me become even more aware of our surroundings! All of nature gives us special signs if we are willing to watch for them and decipher their meaning.


I was amazed that when we passed by some people along the trail, they either had their i-Pod on speaker mode, or they had their earphones in.  I thought, “How sad, they don’t get to hear the incredibly soothing sound of the creek and all it has to share.  No wonder we are so disconnected from nature if we cannot go for a hike without our electronic noise!”  Don’t get me wrong.  I love music.  I just think it is a shame that many of us don’t take the time to listen to the music of nature and be fully immersed in the present.  As Faery Orchestrata hums:


 “Listen close to my music and soon you will hear,

How Mother Nature holds each of us ever so near.
She calls to us in mysterious and playful ways,
As she wants us to respect her for all of our days.”

May you be enchanted daily by the incredible symphony that nature produces for us all to hear, if we are willing to truly listen.

Sending sunshine,



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