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The Law of Cycles in Nature

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Nature shows us the importance of order and cycles.  In Dan Millman’s book, The Life You Were Born to Live, he talks about The Law of Cycles. “Whatever rises, falls and whatever falls shall rise again.”  Everything in the universe is energy.  We are composed of 70% water in our bodies and 90% in our brain.  Doesn’t it make sense that the moon would have a great impact on us since it is able to cause oceans to rise and fall? We need to be like the ocean and willing to ride the highs and lows that come in and out of our life.

On that same note, there are seasons in nature just like there are seasons in our life.  There are times for us to rest and rejuvenate, so that we can spring forth with our ideas, nurture them, and then harvest what we have sown.  Trees like other plants grow slowly in the winter. How many times have you beaten yourself up because the conditions were not right for you to grow?  Instead, be gentle on yourself and realize that you are no different than nature and that you deserve that rejuvenation break.

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