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Red lily beetle

Garden Tips for Lily Gardeners

For those of you who are avid gardeners of lilies, I have some great tips for you. While away on holidays, I lost my battle with the Red Lily Beetle. I had been diligently watching over them when I was here inspecting for the eggs, larvae and the bug itself as well as using the Neem Oil spray, but the two weeks away was enough to let the bugs totally take over. I came back totally frustrated and researched the web like crazy and found out two great tips in this attached link.

  1. Baby Powder with Talc, not cornstarch, is very effective in dealing with Red Lily Beetles. (I tried this and actually saw a red lily beetle land and take off again!)
  2. It is very important to inspect ALL your bulbs and transplants for eggs, larvae and/or beetles. When planting bulbs, ensure they are free from soil and have been washed. I never realized that one needed to be so diligent on bulbs from a nursery.

Happy gardening to you and sending loads of sunshine your way.


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