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Get to Know Contest Launch


Get to Know Program

Did you know that according to the Outdoor Foundation, “youth outdoor activity has declined significantly in every age group, gender and ethnicity over the past several years with the most significant declines reported by urban youth?”

On top of this studies have proven that getting outdoors for a minimum of 15 minutes per day decreases stress, increases creativity and productivity and decreases the likelihood of some fatal diseases.

The Get to Know program offers engaging opportunities for youth 19 years of age and younger to get outdoors and enjoy the proven mental, emotional and physical benefits of connecting with nature.  There are five distinct areas that youth can get involved.  Music, photography, writing, drawing and videos.

This year, the program launched on May 11, 2013.  What a fantastic day of being immersed in nature at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.  There were a variety of booths offering different connections to nature.  These included:

  1. Long & McQuade for music
  2. Robinson’s Camera for photography
  3. Sketching with Barb and Oil Pastels with Emma Bresola
  4. Connecting to nature booth
  5. Writing with Susanne, The Sunshine Faery

Enjoy the quick video of  this launch:

Please share and spread the word about this amazing program.  Further details exist at:

Sending sunshine and faery magic,


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