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Want Rainbows? You Gotta Have Rain!

Life Is All About How You Handle Plan B


This excerpt was taken from Suze Toronto’s whimsical calendar called “Life Is All About How You Handle Plan B”

“In a perfect world, everything would always go right. There would be no disappointments or trials, and life would be filled with only sweet, warm, and fuzzy feelings.

But how would we know if things were good if we had no comparisons? Would we recognize the blessings in our lives without having the opposite to compare them to? Without the darkness, would we appreciate the light?

Seems to me is we want rainbows, we gotta have rain. The trick is to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and go out and look for puddles to play in; recognize the tempest for what it is and train ourselves to look for the good in every situation. By overcoming our adversity, we find the joy in everything. So go on, go play in the rain!”

Sage advice Suzy!

This ties nicely into Faery Kiara’s message from my award winning book, The ABC Field Guide to Faeries. 

Kiara says:

“When rain comes along and makes you feel sad,

Don’t worry, as soon, I will help to make you glad.

I get to paint the majestic rainbows way up above,

After there’s been rain, to show that you are loved.”

Sending sunshine and faery magic,


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