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Nature is truly our Greatest Teacher!


I am in total and complete awe right now as I just watched a quick 25 minute video by Rob Williams called Shift in Consciousness.

There were so many things in this video that resonated with me. He asks the question, “What if you could have the most experienced life coach with billions of years of experience and a proven track record for sustainability? Well you can. The Life Coach is called Nature.”

It was always believed in ancient times that everything in creation had a spirit and through this connection we were all related. The science of Quantum Physics is now confirming quantum entanglement meaning that everything is energy and everything is connected energetically. So we are all connected and we need to start treating ourselves, others and the environment with respect.

Nature is not a system based on competition, it is based on cooperation. It specializes in certain areas and becomes part of a community instead of trying to be an expert at everything. 2013 is all about collaboration, so we need to really look to nature for guidance in this area.

Here is to us living in Peace, Harmony and Balance. We are the solution to the problems we face. We just need to look to nature to help us get there and learn these valuable lessons.

Mitakuye Oaysin –“All are related“ – Lakota Native American greeting

Sending sunshine,


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