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Unique Lives & Experiences Series

Sigourney_Weaver.jpgI just saw Sigourney Weaver speak last night as part of the Unique Lives & Experiences series at the Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary. I first want  to express my gratitude to my wonderful friend Lee who had an extra ticket and asked me to join.

What an evening of being dipped in real, authentic humbleness. Sigourney, who has over 40 movies to her credit and done numerous Broadway Shows, actually stood up on the stage and shared with the crowd that indeed, she was nervous!

She has a wonderful sense of humour and is an actress with true grit. She will only take on a role if there is a bigger message than just about the people in the movie. If she likes a script, she does not care what role she plays, just as long as she gets to be a part of it. Her real love is live theatre for the camaraderie that it brings.
Linda Olsen from Global TV was the emcee for the event and did an excellent job of asking Sigourney questions after her talk.

Sigourney stressed three things. One is she feels it is really important for women to step up to the plate and band together to help deal with a lot of problems the world is currently facing. The second thing she really stressed was the importance of us truly connecting and communicating with one another. The final thing was how it is important for us to live in harmony with all other species.

It was an evening of observing raw humbleness.  Thank you Sigourney for your authenticity and for your willingness to be such a great role model and mentor.

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