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The ABC Field Guide to Faeries Review


Midwest Review of The ABC Field Guide to Faeries

Today is Father’s Day and I would like to express my huge and humble gratitude to my late father for his advice to me.  After he was diagnosed with a six inch tumour on his liver which the doctors had “missed” and given him only a few months to live he looked at me and said, “Sus get yourself out of that corporate job and go and focus on writing your book.”  If you had known my father, you would realize just how incredibly impactful these words were for me.  He had been so proud of my accomplishments in the corporate world and to know that he had so little time left on this earth plane and was giving me this advice, really struck a cord with me.  I did take that leap of faith and wrote this book and started my own business.  The road has not been an easy one as there have been super highs and super lows, but I am so glad that I took his words of wisdom to heart.  When this review came in by Midwest on Friday, it touched my heart and felt like a gift from my dad.  Thank you and Happy Father’s day.

Here is the review for the June 2013 issue of Midwest book review magazine “Library Bookwatch”

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf:

“The ABC Field Guide To Faeries: Inspiring Reminders of Respect for Ourselves, Each Other, and the Environment” is a creative alphabet book about exotic names of faeries of nature. Filled with stunning, multi media artwork and illustrations, “The ABC Field Guide to Faeries” is intensely appealing to both young and old audiences, and has won several awards for its very special impact of creativity and raising awareness. Every letter of the alphabet is represented by a beautifully illustrated faery whose special task is communicated in verse that displays pleasure and respect for the natural environment and for others. Filled with fun and play, each letter’s faery vision has a special message of compassionate awareness of the universe to display. The creative, haunting illustrations combine or blend aspects of the real (butterflies, tree trunks, children’s faces and hands,) and the magical or fantastic. This conveys an attitude of mystical serenity and calm, inviting a meditative state. The ABC faeries seem very much in tune with transcendental meditation techniques and tenets. For example: “T is for Transparianthus…who can manifest all of our dreams,/ Can be found floating around magnificent pine trees./ He wants all of your wildest drams to come true,/ So believe this in your heart and in all that you do. ..Transparianthus says: ‘If you have a special dream, then request it from me,/ If it is for your highest good, it’ll surely come to be. While you wait patiently for your dream to come true,/ Take positive action and see what happens to you.'” “The ABC Field Guide to Faeries” is an imaginative literary and artistic journey for the expanding soul.”

Thank you MidWest and Thank you Dad.  In deep and humble gratitude.

The ABC Field Guide to Faeries
Susanne Alexander-Heaton, author
Chantal T. Gabriell, artist
Motivated by Nature”>
9780981304809, $19.99,”>

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