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Lessons Learned from the Labyrinth


Lessons Learned from the Labyrinth

Today with the beautiful warm weather and sunshine, I gifted myself the time to go and walk the Labyrinth that was added to the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs this August.  I am still in total and complete awe of all the lessons I learned from doing this.

The lessons actually started even before I got to the location.  My Google Map search had indicated that the park was located on the opposite end of Silver Springs Rd.  I had to stop and ask a lady for directions.

Lesson #1:  It is important to ask for help to get us to where we need to go.

Upon arriving at the Labyrinth, I loved the middle archway leading into it that stated: “Know Thyself”.  I proceeded and read the instructions they had for how to walk the labyrinth.  It stressed that there was no right or wrong way to walk it.

Lesson #2: Each of us needs to walk the path that speaks to us.  There is more than one way to do things and the path that one person goes is not necessarily the path that we need to follow.

As I stood in silence and set my intention before stepping onto the path, a dog started barking that a passerby was walking.

Lesson #3: In walking the path we are meant to walk, there will be various distractions that occur that we have no control over.

As I started walking which I thought was slow enough, I actually started to get dizzy from weaving back and forth.

Lesson #4: It is important not to push ourselves too quickly along the path we are meant to travel, but instead slow down and trust that the universe is supporting us.Labryrinthpath
I ended up becoming very anxious and also frustrated walking along the path to the centre, because it would weave close to the goal of reaching it, and then weave back away from it.

Lesson #5: This is so analogous with life.  Sometimes we are so close that we can almost taste things, however, there is more that we need to learn or experience, before we reach our end goal.

About half way through the walking, I did start to slow down, and breathe a bit deeper, and just trust that I was on the right path and would eventually get to my destination.

Lesson #6: I need to trust in the universe more and really believe that it is supporting my highest good.


I realized that there was a huge warm sensation happening in my stomach as I did start to trust that the universe was supporting me.

Lesson #7:  In times of stress, I need to just slow down, breathe deeply and know that I am supported.


When I was just about at the destination, I saw the place from where I started, and I really questioned, “Am I ever going to get there?”  It ended up that I had just a few more steps to go to reach the centre.

Lesson #8: How many times do we give up and feel that we have not gotten anywhere, when in fact we are just a few steps away from achieving our goal.  When we think we are furthest away from our destination sometimes that is actually when we are closest to it!

In reaching the centre, I was so grateful to the universe for helping me to realize these lessons of patience, letting go of control, and trusting.

After I spent time in the centre, it was time to leave.  I noticed that my pace was slower and that I was much more aware of everything around me.  I heard the birds singing their happy tunes in a most beautiful symphony of sounds.  I heard my feet crunching the leaves that were on the path.  I felt the sun bathing me with warm rays of light.  I felt the gentle wind softly caressing my cheeks and whispering secrets in my ears.

Lesson #9: In slowing down and taking the time to utilize my senses, it was never clearer to me that it is truly the journey and not the destination that matter.

LabryrinthangelcloudsAt one moment, I decided to look up into the sky and saw beautiful angelic shapes in the clouds.

Lesson #10: It is important to look up and not always have your head down with your nose to the grindstone so that you can see the beauty that surrounds you!

I am so grateful for this experience and for the lessons I learned.  Have you walked a labyrinth?  What was your experience?  I would love to hear your insights.

I am so grateful to the incredible volunteers who made this labyrinth a reality.  For more details on the Labyrinth at Silver Springs in NW Calgary, please visit:

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