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Lessons Learned from Yoga

Lessons Learned from Yoga

On Sunday, with the snow coming down, I was feeling a huge resistance. I was not feeling ready yet for winter to set in. I was also feeling very overwhelmed by everything that is currently on my plate.   I forced myself to go to a new hot Yoga Class that is called Yin/Yang which incorporates holding deep stretches to the point where your body lets go and relaxes into the pose.

To say that this class was exactly what I needed to shift my attitude is a total understatement! As we moved through the various poses, the instructor shared that she too was having some resistance over the change in the weather. She said what we need to do, is look at what we are resisting, change it to acceptance and eventually get to appreciation. That was a message I really needed to hear.

Next she talked to the always doing and not just “being”. She said that by being still it actually opens us up for more flow in our life and gets us out of that feeling of overwhelm.

Then she played this piece while we held one position and it had such a deep and profound impact on me. I am sharing it with you in the hopes that it helps you whenever you feel that you are going through a bad day.

As the beautiful stepping stone above created by Shelley Heath of The Seeds of Inspiration so wisely states; “Breathe”.   Remember to take the time to just  “be” and to breathe.

Sending loads of sunshine your way.


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