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Being Lonely Can Make You Sick!


Being Lonely Can Make You Sick!

I read a recent article in The Oprah Magazine called Just Say Hello and was truly shocked at some of the statistics stated regarding the effects of loneliness. The full article can be found here: The stats indicated that increases in a person’s mortality rate can be attributed as follows:

Air Pollution – 6%

Obesity -23%

Extensive alcohol use – 37%

Loneliness- 45%

The really shocking data for me was that older, lonely people are “64% more likely to develop dementia than their more connected counterparts.”

Even armed with this information, our culture seems to be growing more detached. What’s changed?

Social media has given us more ways to communicate; however, many experts believe that it may also leave us feeling more alienated. Online networks provide a poor substitute for real conversation and connection.

So here is what I am proposing. I want you to reach out and connect with someone either by phone or by mail (snail mail not e-mail). Just let them know that you are thinking of them and I’d love for you to share any insights that you receive. You never know how you may truly brighten or even positively alter the course of someone’s day. Here is to your health and to your friend’s and family’s too!

Sending sunshine,


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