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Mermaids do Exist on Land!

During holidays this summer, I was sea kayaking in the Sechelt Inlet on the Sunshine Coast in BC.   After two hours of paddling through jellyfish after jellyfish doing their mesmerizing water ballet routine, we pulled up to a beach to have some lunch.  I was totally inspired to play and let my imagination wander.  This little mermaid was the result.  She is a combination of dried seaweed for her hair, a  bulb of kelp makes her face which already had the eyes and mouth strategically  placed in it, perfectly shaped mussel shells make her chest, a clam shell then makes her body and more kelp makes her tail.  I felt overcome with magic, whimsy and creativity.  I left the mermaid there and I am curious as to whether she might inspire someone else to create and let their imagination flow too.


This mermaid was inspired by a few synchronicities as well.  Prior to this, I had come across greeting cards done that had rocks and other bits of nature that were found while strolling on the beaches near Gibson, BC.  Each creation is whimsical and full of magic.

Also, prior to going on our trip, my friend Helena had shared at our writer’s group how one day, down by the river, she became totally in awe of all the rocks that she was finding.  One of these rocks had a smiley face that the water had caused.  You can see a picture of it and the blog she wrote about it at:

I find nature to be so full of wonder and magic if we just take the time to stop, look and listen.  There are no 90 degree angles or square boxes.  There is just this beautiful, magical flow.  How do you feel when you are in nature?

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