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My Birthday Wish for Turning 49

My Birthday Wish for turning 49 Years Old

The month of August is my birthday month and my goal is to do 49 Random Acts of Kindness during the month. I will share my results with you in September. Why is 49 the magic number?  I turn the magic 49 and holding this year!  And why 49 Random Acts of Kindness?  Random Acts of Kindness have a ripple effect that we can never fully measure.  I can’t wait to do 49 and share what I automatically see as the result, but I am even more intrigued by what I won’t be able to fully measure.

I do have a special request from you.  I would love for you to participate with me and just do one random act of kindness and share what you have done and even the results of doing this act.  My birthday wish is to get 49 people doing one Random Act of Kindness and sharing it here.  Please know “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. ” Aesop

I will be off technology for most of the month enjoying these beautiful days of summer, but I look forward to returning to share the results with you and hear some of your acts. Here are 100 ideas to help get your creative juices going:

Here is a link to what I ended up doing for my Birthday wish:

Sending sunshine!


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