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Forty Nine Random Acts of Kindness

As promised, for the month of August since it was my birthday month, I challenged myself to do Forty Nine Random Acts of Kindness.  These were the results:

  1. Opening the door for a hotel worker who had her hands full.  Result: Not only did I receive a thank you from the worker, I received a thank you from her Aunt, who happened to be out waitress.
  2. I met a 95 year old veteran who served our country so faithfully with the Royal Canadian Air Force.  He was looking to get a cap made that had the RCAF logo on it.  I found one and had it sent to him as I felt it was the least I could do for all that he sacrificed.  To read his incredible story, visit:

3-11: Picked up litter:

– as we hiked @ Dawson Creek Falls

– along Kitsalano Beach in Vancouver

-on Sechelt Beach

-on Robert’s Creek Beach

– on walk in Tuscany 4 different times

(I truly hope that there comes a day where we all start treating Mother Nature with the respect that she deserves.  Here is to us not throwing trash in her home!)

  1.  Wrote a hand written thank you note to the beautiful place we stayed in Savona as well as Sechelt
  2.  Plugged someone’s meter and saved them from getting a ticket
  3.  Fixed a toilet in a public washroom (easy fix for a farm girl like me!)
  4.  Told someone parking in front of us to back up as there was still 45 minutes left on our meter in BC
  5.  During a beach volleyball tournament we were watching, I retrieved a volleyball from an awkward spot beneath the bleachers.
  6.  Did a hand written note to put on  a car windshield that had “Veteran” on the license plate to say “Thank you for serving our country”
  7.  Gave a hug to someone who needed one
  8.  Came across a man with sign asking for spare change for the Ferry ride.  I asked him to share his favourite quote with me.  He looked at me and said, “Hmm…I guess it would be: Policies and procedures are for profit, not people.”  I said thank you to him and gave him some money.  He said thank you to me for asking him for the quote..  (His response had made me think of that song from the 70’s: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign by the Five Man Electrical Band.It also made me realize just how important it is to treat everyone with respect.)
  9.  Gave money to a busker and he asked what song I would like to hear.  I said something happy.  He started playing, “I Feel Good.”

21 – 22.  Gave a nice tip two times, just because

  1.  Was at a restaurant where a harpist was singing and playing beautifully.  No one was clapping after her sets.  I started to clap and gave her a huge smile.  She smiled back and the rest of the people “woke up” and started clapping for her as well.  Her name was Dawna Harp Pixie McLennan and here is a link to her website and music. She is self taught and has the voice of an angel:
  2.  Sent my book to someone as part of my Random Acts of Kindness
  3.  Pushed abandoned shopping cart back up hill and into the store
  4.  Donated to the East Indian Women’s Cultural Connection Society
  5.  Ran out after a man who had left his ball cap behind in the coffee shop
  6.  Sent a hand written card to a friend

29-30 – Ordered two separate quilts from Victoria’s Quilts for two family members dealing with cancer.  Victoria’s Quilts is an amazing organization.

  1.  Paid for a friend’s latte
  2.  Bought a hand painted rock from a young girl who had her stand set up like a lemonade stand on the side of the road

33-37 – Sent four different written notes and little gifts to people who had been on my mind

  1.  Held the door open for someone at the bank and let her go ahead of me in the line.

39-49.  Said some friendly “hello’s” to people along the trail and on my walks.  This may sound trivial, but watch this video and see the impact a simple “look up” can do:

Here is to each of us being kind to one another, ourselves and the environment.

Shine on!


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