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12 Short Poems for a Great Life

Excerpts of 12 Short Poems for a Great Life from my award winning children’s book, The ABC Field Guide to Faeries:

Follow your Heart
“Take time each day to laugh and to play,
Be thoughtful in all of the words that you say.
Please follow your heart as you go on your way,
Then you will find pleasure in every day.”

Live life fully
“We are all only dancing on this earth a short time,
So be sure to dance with a happy song in your mind.
Dance loudly, dance strongly to the heavens above,
But most of all, dance with your heart full of love.”

On laughter
“Don’t lose the ability to laugh and to play,
Learn to laugh like a child more than ten times a day.
Have you taken the time to laugh at all today?
If not, please do and you’ll feel better right away!”

Self Care
“Make sure to take some time every day,
That is just for you to keep stress far away.
If you don’t take really good care of yourself,
Your plans to help others will stay on the shelf.”

On Children
“To all children, please be their pure sense of joy,
As this cannot be obtained from a shiny new toy.
Instead it is something that must come from the heart,
Like spending time with the child and doing your part.”

Self Love

“Love yourself fully both inside and out,
And do it each day without the slightest of doubt.
You are only human, so you will make mistakes,
But please practice forgiveness with all that it takes.”

“This life of yours is no dress rehearsal,
So, quick, make haste and think universal.
Write down all the things that you want to do,
Then make a master plan to see them come true.”

You are never alone
“Each of us has our own luminous light,
To help us shine through the darkest of nights.
You are a child of Great Spirit from the Heaven’s above,
You must never, ever forget that you are dearly loved.”

“We are all connected like beams of light to the sun,
So we must be kind to others for we’re all truly one.
No matter where we come from in terms of color or race,
We’re linked one and all to this brilliant light place.”

Respect for the Earth
“Be kind to the land that surrounds you all around,
Never throw your garbage over earth’s sacred ground.
Mother Earth has many gifts available for you,
So respect her with everything it is that you do.”

On our precious resource, Water
“Don’t dump in the water what you wouldn’t drink,
It is time for all humans to wake up and think.
What is dumped in the water ends up inside you,
Honour this precious resource for what it can do.”

On being Authentic
“If people tell you that you just don’t belong,
Just say thanks, and go on singing your own song.
You are magical, beautiful, mystical and bright,
So shine out strongly with your unending light.”

Sending loads of sunshine to one and all!

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