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The Ebbs and Flows of Life

The ebbs and flows of life were demonstrated to me in spades over the past week. Since my husband was away for one week chaperoning a high school trip overseas, I was looking forward to really focusing on my business.  I had some exciting meetings scheduled, was planning on “storyboarding” my next children’s book, and was also wanting to do a huge purging of my office files to make way for new and wonderful opportunities to come in.

This focus was shattered abruptly with a telephone call Monday afternoon stating that my mom had fallen and was being taken to the hospital to get stitches in her forehead.  My mom lives in MB which is an 11 hour drive from where I live.  When I first received the call, tears came streaming down my cheeks, followed by a tidal wave of anger and frustration. I had decided to put myself first and focus fully on my business, and this was how the universe was rewarding me?  I harnessed my anger quickly to storyboard my children’s book to get it to my illustrator before leaving at daybreak the next day. I had to let go of wanting it to be “perfect” before getting it to her.   I cancelled all meetings and went to the library to get some books on CD to help me with the 11 hour drive home.

As I left at 6 a.m., I started playing Sonia Choquette’s book on CD called The Power of Your Spirit, A Guide to Joyful Living. timing of listening to this could not have been more perfect.  She talked about something that I have always encouraged.  She stated how important it is for us to let go of control and be able to ride the waves of change so that we can both be in the ebb and the flow with ease and grace.  I actually giggled to myself as the following saying popped into my mind, “We teach best what we need to learn”.  I say in my workshops and blogs exactly what she was saying to me on how important it is for us to look to nature for how to be in the flow and to move through change without struggle.  It was interesting to be on the receiving end of this and truly absorbing it in and just allowing things to be how they needed to be.  It is our ego that makes us think that we can control things.  By letting go, we are allowing ourselves to be in the flow of the universe.  Nature teaches this lesson to us over and over and over again.

The drive home was an interesting one as the weather turned stormy and they actually shut the highway down behind me.  I could not control a thing.  I just had to trust that the universe would get me there in one piece.  I literally drove through 4 seasons: Sunshine, snow, rain and fog.  The usual 11 hour drive took 14 hours due to the weather conditions, but I did make it there and was grateful for my safe arrival.  I was also glad that I was able to be with my mother as she had also bruised her shoulder and back in the fall and was sore.  She was happy not to be on her own as well.

Although the circumstances were not what I would have ever wished for, I was grateful for the wisdom and synchronicity of the message that Sonia’s CD’s shared with me on the drive out.  Here is to each of us giving up control and being in the natural flow.  We are all exactly where it is that we need to be whether we fully understand it or not.

Sending sunshine your way!

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