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Thoughts that Kill Your Success

Do you have thoughts that kill your success?

I recently read an article where someone asked another person how he felt about his overnight success? His comment back was that it was “20 years of nights!”

As I went on my afternoon walk and felt the sun beaming down on my face and the wind playfully touching my hair, this man’s comment of success started ruminating in my mind.  How do you define success?  Is it fortune or fame?  Is it when you have the right job/career or title?  Is it when you are recognized by peers for a job well done?  Is it what others think about you and your accomplishments?

As I let these thoughts percolate while listening to birds chirping in the background, I realized what my answer to success truly is.  It has nothing to do with the amount of money or career that you have.  Some of the richest people I know are the most unhappiest people on this earth.  It also does not depend on what others think of you as their thoughts can change overnight.  What truly matters is what is at the core for you.  Do you believe that you are a success just the way you are?  Do you believe that being fully present in this moment might be the most important success that you have achieved?  For me, this statement is most true, “Success is loving, accepting and being who you are right in this moment, with every single imperfection and flaw that you deem you have.”  How do you define success?  Here is another article on Success.

See what resonates for you.

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