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The Language of Nature

On a recent hike, nature showed me many amazing signs.  I will share a few with you here.  The first was a downy woodpecker.  The meaning when one sees a woodpecker is that opportunity is knocking.  What that means for me remains to be seen.

Mom's birthday and nature pics 053

Further along,  I came across a beautiful set of iridescent dragonfly wings. They shimmered in the dappled sunlight on the trail.  They had me in total awe of how intricate and paper thin they were.  It is amazing that these delicate wings are capable of allowing the dragonfly to hover and maneuver so gracefully.

Mom's birthday and nature pics 076

Next I strolled past mushrooms in all shapes, sizes and colours.  I thought of the scientist, Paul Stanets, whose mission it is to help others discover that nature has a language.  He believes that mushrooms hold the key to saving our world. I heard his voice in my head saying, “If I die trying …at least I know that I tried. How many people are not trying.”

To see a quick and powerful two minute clip from the movie that he is making with nature time lapse photographer and videographer, Louie Schwartzberg, watch this: Fantastic Fungi Mom's birthday and nature pics 091

Finally, I took a bridge across this tiny stream and the trickling water soothed my soul.  As per another scientist, the sound of water, wind and birds are the three most soothing sounds to the human ear.

May each of us start to listen and watch for the language of nature which is being shown to us with such ease and grace if we are willing to slow down, look and listen.

Sending sunshine,


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