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Let Your Love Shine!

Universe working overtime!

I must say that I am deeply humbled by an event that happened yesterday to make me realize how the universe works in such mysterious ways.  I had been asked to speak by the Further Education Society of Alberta for Calgary Reads to a school in S.E. Calgary.  There had been  a real disconnect in communication.  First I was told I would be speaking to 5th graders, then I was told I would be speaking to 5 year olds!  I was told to prepare for speaking for 1 hour which for anyone who has dealt with that age group knows that is a LONG time for 5 yr olds to sit and listen.  I ended up working on adding so many different activities to the reading of my book to help keep these children engaged for the entire hour. When I arrived at the event, I was told I had maybe 20 minutes maximum and that the entire event including the volunteer readers was 1 hour!  Now, this is where the universe stepped in.

The Key Word is Love

Had I not been told I needed to prepare for 1 hour, I would not have added this little tidbit to my presentation.  Even though I only had the 20 minutes, I felt that this was still important to include this extra bit for when I got to Faery Namastasia from my book, The ABC Field Guide to Faeries.  The key word for Faery Namastasia is “Love”.  This is her message.

“Namastasia, who is as powerful by day as she is by night,

Wants you to know everything will always be all right.

She wants you to love yourself fully inside and out,

And do it each day without the slightest of doubt.”

In my search to make this a 1 hr presentation, I thought that I would teach the children this song by Deva Premal.  It is called Shima Shima which is the Native American Hopi word for “Love“. Deva Premal has used this at concerts and it has had a profound impact on the crowd when they chant it together. I told the children what the word meant and had them hold their hand on their heart and sing these words with me for about three rounds.   I asked if they felt it in their heart.  They all said “yes”.  You could literally feel the love in the room.  This is the You Tube of this song.

The importance of continually learning

One little boy said after the song, “Boy, you know everything!” At the time, I just smiled both on my face and inside my own heart, but I realize now how I missed an incredible teaching opportunity.  I recently read a quote by Einstein that so resonated with me. He said,  “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”  I could have also shared that insight with that beautiful young soul to model for him how important it is to continually learn.

Children and nature are my greatest teachers and they humble me each and every time.

Sending loads of sunshine and faery magic!

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